A Wing in the Door

A Wing in the Door: Life With a Red-tailed Hawk

Peri and Merak

Peri and Merak

“From the first time I saw deer moving like shadows across a frozen beaver pond…from the first time I stood shrouded in pines, listening to the soughing spring wind…I knew, without the least doubt, that I was home at last…” So began Peri Phillips McQuay’s journey of discovery as she embarked on the fulfilment of her childhood dream – to live in the wilderness. Written in poetically beautiful prose, A Wing in the Door is an inspiring, true story of adventure and growth, recording the difficulties and triumphs surrounding the survival of a human-imprinted hawk, learning to live in freedom.

For at the heart of the book is Merak: “It was only with the coming of Merak, the human-imprinted, red-tailed hawk that I was challenged to confront the truths of wild living in a way that I could never have understood in my dreams.” With these eloquent words, the author celebrates the mystical bond we share with all creatures.

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