A Suitable Nest
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A Suitable Nest

Tha’ art as safe as a missel thrush.  Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden We started on this enterprise with the highest of hopes, the robins and I. Missing the phoebe pair who nested every year inside the  porch roof at Foley Mountain, we mounted a simple nesting platform on the back wall of our new…

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The Vanishing Tribe

Two years ago, we saw three does and their four yearling fawns roamed the neighborhood as they always did, following their habitual trails up from the valley, boldly gleaning twigs, rose canes and compost. Then, just before Easter, we witnessed something rare and inexplicable. It started with three does hurrying down the road in front…

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A Country Carol Service

A week ago, we made the small but remarkable journey to a carol service, “Christmas in the Wildwood”, at the hamlet of Burridge’s little country United Church. We slipped down the back road past snowy fields and forests, under the silvery light of a nearly full moon, passing only four farms along the way. So…