The View From Foley Mountain

As we saw it the first time we visited the park

The Road to Foley Mountain

The View From Foley Mountain is a collection of short essays celebrating the joy of living in harmony with the natural world. The seasonal selections lead you through the fields, woods, rock outcroppings and shores of the conservation area which was  the home of author Peri Phillips McQuay for more than thirty years.

While my husband Barry was supervisor of Foley Mountain, a beautiful, wild, eight hundred acre conservation area in eastern Ontario we were required to live in an eighty-year old farmhouse, situated in the heart of the property. During the memorable years there, we raised our two sons, Morgan and Jeremy, and each of us was lucky to discover our true vocation. Barry was passionately committed to teaching environmental education to thousands of school children of all ages. Rejoicing in living closely with the rocks, ponds, abandoned fields and forests of the area, I found that I too was eager to share what I was discovering and began the writing which eventually lead to my books, The View From Foley Mountain and A Wing in the Door.

She is a skilled writer who can apply her precise and confident prose with equal success to beauty or violence. . . . McQuay knows her land, knows its inhabitants, both plant and the animal, like a first language. Because of this she has written a compelling tale about wild places and wild and half wild creatures and what it feels like to be around them that rings with authenticity.

                                       Washington Post

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Peri McQuay - Alan Clark

Peri McQuay – Alan Clark

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