What If?

Let me confess. I started out with an aversion to Twitter. Excellent for political causes, I thought sniffily, but used by far too many to blather on about very little. Very quickly I filed this platform under “general time wasting”.

But, as so often happens, reframing has opened up new possibilities to me. What if, I asked myself, I explored using Twitter to compose daily small poems, in the style of Haiku?  Now, on  my morning walks I’m alive to the possibilities around me. Coming up with, and shaping one hundred and forty characters about my rich, common experiences with the nature where I live has become an intriguing discipline which hones all my writing.

As well as being a welcome to my morning and my writing, these exploratory tweets have become an invitation to the possibility of writing poetry in more expansive forms.

Look for me: @perimcquay

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