Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love

These are my depth years and I am here to celebrate what remains.

Now I no longer can range widely I am challenged to go ever deeper into my surroundings. And, even as I learn the hard lessons of aging, what a rich life I am finding. Always, I am grounded in nature, my true home.

Expect to find:

My experience in understanding, and healing from, the grief of losing my beloved husband.

The joy of later life creativity, my own and others. (I’m looking forward to offering snapshots of the surprising achievements of neighbours and friends.)

Look for books, music and teachings that excite me.

I want to say “yes” more than “no.”

I’m inviting you to join me in experiencing my world, which, in Mother Teresa’s words, is indeed small, but lived with great love.

Small with Great Love

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