Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love

Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love These are my depth years and I am here to celebrate what remains. Now I no longer can range widely I am challenged to go ever deeper into my surroundings. And, even as I learn the hard lessons of aging, what a rich life I am finding. Always, I am grounded in nature, my true home. Expect to find: My experience in understanding, and healing from, the grief of losing my …

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Fog Forest

Fog Forest [Recently, I was fortunate to live for a week within the power of the tides and fogs, and even now I remain haunted by a week where all was movement and change.] Slip off the twisty coastal road in Maine and you will be heading for the sea. Your excitement is mounting. It is the distant tolling of a bell which is drawing you through the dim light of a narrow lane which is surrounded by a magical …

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading At long last it was summer, and, free of school, I could spend more of my time happily lost in books of my own choosing. Remembering that sweet time, my thoughts turn to my father and his splendid library. Like Goethe, my artist father was convinced that in the best teaching the mind is lured, so that learning becomes no martyrdom but sheer delight. Many times, this luring meant leaving improving books lying about where I could hardly …

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YOU COME TOO I’m remembering Barry tonight. One June evening while our house was being built, he said to me “You really need to see what the house looks like from the inside. It’s starting to feel like a real house!” Then he played his best card, “Now the windows are in you can really see how the views are going to look.” As I always said when we had this conversation, much as I hungered to see how my …

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