Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love

Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love These are my depth years and I am here to celebrate what remains. Now I no longer can range widely I am challenged to go ever deeper into my surroundings. And, even as I learn the hard lessons of aging, what a rich life I am finding. Always, I am grounded in nature, my true home. Expect to find: My experience in understanding, and healing from, the grief of losing my …

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Wonderful Recently, in an effort to dodge all my Facebook wannabe suitors I decided to replace my portrait there with a representative image. Rummaging through 20 years of my own pictures, I was arrested by this blurry, long-ago snapshot of Merak, the human-imprinted red-tailed hawk, who flew free at Foley Mountain, but saw me and my family as her own. Two clicks and success. My Facebook/Instagram portrait changed from human to  hawk. It amuses me that I do find this …

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Begin Again

Begin Again Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and afraid. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument.  Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground. Rumi “I can’t do this!”It’s early morning, and, yet again I am trying to move ahead with some of the work which matters to me. But right now I can only stare …

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Mel Shaw’s Love Affair With Foley Mountain

Mel Shaw and His Love Affair With Foley Mountain Overlooking Westport From Foley Mountain I wanted to interview my long-time friend, Mel Shaw, not just because his intimate nature photos please me, but because he is a good example of someone who enjoying retirement. (Some of you may know him from the attractive calendar he and his wife Rose Ann designed and sold the past two years as a fundraiser benefitting the Foley Mountain Conservation Area.) Recently, I sat down …

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