ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness

ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness Before I share more stories about the many passions which brighten my days, I want to explain how lifechanging it has been for me to understand the new thinking on ADHD. (I’m writing this in hopes that it might resonate for you, or for some of those you love.) If only I had been able read them, there have been so many indicators of this condition in my lifelong disappointing behavior. Unfortunately, it has …

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Rug Hooking

Late in Life Pleasures I want to tell you about a surprising new pleasure. It wasn’t as if I didn’t have a wealth of fiber interests to pursue in my off moments. Weaving, Knitting, Spinning, Embroidery, Quilting, to name some. Much as I love learning, the thought of taking up a new craft (in this case rug hooking) was out of the question. But ten years ago when I saw a poster in a local store offering a one day …

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The Gift of Handwork

The Gift of Handwork My beloved grandmother gave me gifts to guide me on my life’s journey. Her main wish was that I would practise a faith “because it would be a comfort to you”. And in my own way I work at that every day, and it has become my foundation. However what I am remembering here is that she also taught me to prize handwork, both as a survival skill and a steadying pleasure. Her own needlework came …

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