ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness

ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness Before I share more stories about the many passions which brighten my days, I want to explain how lifechanging it has been for me to understand the new thinking on ADHD. (I’m writing this in hopes that it might resonate for you, or for some of those you love.) If only I had been able read them, there have been so many indicators of this condition in my lifelong disappointing behavior. Unfortunately, it has …

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Starting Again

A Fresh Start Today I am writing about a new beginning, a fresh start. Eventually I became strong enough to begin to reflect on what a new life without my husband of 47 years might consist of. Just as Singing Meadow, my story of how we came to leave Foley Mountain and build a new home near Bobs Lake had been due to released, Barry became seriously ill with a fast-moving cancer. When it became clear that it would be …

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Just This Much

JUST THIS MUCH After my husband’s death, once I could think at all, I became afraid I might have become schizophrenic. As I began this new life on my own, so often my emotions were all over the place. It was frightening to jump in a minute from the relief of tranquility to desperate unhappiness. And of course, with Barry gone, during these erratic shifts it felt as if I had nothing to hold on to. Most often, what caused …

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