Earth Day

We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion just as effectively as by bombs.                     Kenneth Clark The wind is blowing wildly this morning, switching from south-west to north, driving high-flying strings of geese along the length of the lake. On this, Earth Day, I am walking out to greet The Ash Trees at the End of the World. Standing at the peninsula’s tip, in the dazzle of wind and dashing waves, …

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The Tenacity of Trees

The tenacity of trees. Living, as I do, close to many trees and also close to humans, I am aware of risk and disease. I see aspens toppled in gales, massive maples dying branch by branch. And yet I also live with a sustaining sense of endurance in spite of the odds. Nearby, in a poor location, clinging to sandy, shallow soil at the very edge of a cottage lane is a barely recognizable American beech. The trunk is so …

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