A Different Kind of Valor

A Different Kind of Valor Today I’m thinking of the unspeakable courage of elders. I see it everywhere, and I am in awe watching the everyday bravery of so many. After all, I am one of them, and I am beginning to understand the challenges. There’s none of the glamour we admire watching a ski jumper lift off on the slopes, just day to day sheer grit. On this particular day I’m thinking of my fragile, 93-year-old mother. Only once …

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A Sense of Home

A Sense of Home My childhood home, painted by my artist father, Ken Phillips It begins with my beloved childhood home, the little, brown-shingled house which my father and grandfathers and uncles had built in the heart of a small, 3-acre woods. It was the centre of my world, and I loved it fiercely–the wind travelling, travelling through the hemlocks, and up to the nearby twin guardian pines, and ending at the white oak that pressed up against my bedroom …

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ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness

ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness Before I share more stories about the many passions which brighten my days, I want to explain how lifechanging it has been for me to understand the new thinking on ADHD. (I’m writing this in hopes that it might resonate for you, or for some of those you love.) If only I had been able read them, there have been so many indicators of this condition in my lifelong disappointing behavior. Unfortunately, it has …

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