Mel Shaw’s Love Affair With Foley Mountain

Mel Shaw and His Love Affair With Foley Mountain Overlooking Westport From Foley Mountain I wanted to interview my long-time friend, Mel Shaw, not just because his intimate nature photos please me, but because he is a good example of someone who enjoying retirement. (Some of you may know him from the attractive calendar he and his wife Rose Ann designed and sold the past two years as a fundraiser benefitting the Foley Mountain Conservation Area.) Recently, I sat down …

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Small Victories On a bleak November afternoon, my long-time friend David and I were talking about small victories. “I put a new shelf into the cupboard where I keep my tea, and now everything is sorted and accessible,” he said. “Isn’t it surprising what a difference finishing such a simple thing can make. Every time I go into that cupboard it makes me happy.” A bigger recent triumph for David had been reducing the number of gallons of water the …


ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness

ADHD and the Pursuit of Smallness Before I share more stories about the many passions which brighten my days, I want to explain how lifechanging it has been for me to understand the new thinking on ADHD. (I’m writing this in hopes that it might resonate for you, or for some of those you love.) If only I had been able read them, there have been so many indicators of this condition in my lifelong disappointing behavior. Unfortunately, it has …

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