Starting Again

A Fresh Start Today I am writing about a new beginning, a fresh start. Eventually I became strong enough to begin to reflect on what a new life without my husband of 47 years might consist of. Just as Singing Meadow, my story of how we came to leave Foley Mountain and build a new home near Bobs Lake had been due to released, Barry became seriously ill with a fast-moving cancer. When it became clear that it would be …

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Just This Much

JUST THIS MUCH After my husband’s death, once I could think at all, I became afraid I might have become schizophrenic. As I began this new life on my own, so often my emotions were all over the place. It was frightening to jump in a minute from the relief of tranquility to desperate unhappiness. And of course, with Barry gone, during these erratic shifts it felt as if I had nothing to hold on to. Most often, what caused …

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Soul Clap Hands

Soul Clap Hands I am here to learn. It is time to refocus. After all my floundering I am on a journey to a new wholeness. Indeed, I am aware that I may be headed towards what may well be the last adventure of my life. I need to hone my generosity of spirit. Coming out of the blind time, I remember the care of so many when my husband was dying. (I remember specially the hospital kitchen staff workers …

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