Singing Meadow: The Adventure of Creating a Country Home


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Peri front cover promo shot 20150801Told with the excitement of a novel, Singing Meadow: The Adventure of Creating a Country Home is the much-requested sequel to The View from Foley Mountain. Here is the inspirational story of a couple searching for and creating a small, simple home in a beautiful, natural setting.

For thirty years, writer Peri McQuay and her conservation educator husband, Barry, were fortunate to live within Foley Mountain, an 800 acre Eastern Ontario conservation area. Experiencing nature intimately, Peri established a successful writing career while Barry was passionately committed to teaching nature appreciation to thousands of school children. But now, with retirement looming and the need to pass their present rented park home to a new Area Supervisor, it was time to begin the daunting search for a new and different refuge.

First came a year-long search for a ready-made house and land, filled with adventures and encounters which helped the McQuays hone their concept of what they truly wanted and needed from their new dwelling and their new surroundings.

But would it be too late to wrench up their roots and transfer their commitment to a whole new landscape? As the years at Foley Mountain taught them, living close to nature is the most important part of home. Unfortunately, an affordable place where the McQuays could be surrounded by nature appeared impossible to find. But then, just as they were ready to give up, they fell in love with a beautiful piece of land. Although the pair never planned to take on the challenges of a custom-built house, this location, close to their beloved conservation area and a welcoming community, was too sweet to leave behind.

As the author and her husband learn the art of creating a pleasing small home, inevitably tensions surface. But at the same time, there is great joy in discovering their new surroundings. Always present in McQuay’s lyrical writing is the couple’s shining love of the land.

This timely book celebrates the possibilities and rewards of simple living and the healing power of nature. Yes, Singing Meadow says. Yes, you can have a house in the country and here’s the story of one couple’s adventure of discovery.

“As it turned out, the feeling of finding home was more profound than excitement. It was a heartfelt knowing. What I want to suggest is that sometimes, with much sacrifice and patience and some luck, dreams can come true.”









Wintergreen Studios Press
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
206 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0991872237
ISBN-10: 0991872231
List Price: $19.95

Signed copies available from the author. (

Also available from select bookstores and online.

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