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A Perception of Chaos

I grew up watching my artist father clear fallen brush from our small, beloved woods. For him it was an act of devotion. His hard work was presented to me as a needful thing, a taking care of the precious … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Many years ago, we bought a tiny, plucky black kitten, christened with the original name of “Kit” by our younger son, Jeremy. It quickly became clear to us that wicked and busy Kit kitten needed a companion to play with. … Continue reading

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A Gift for Thanksgiving

She was dying. We both knew that. This time the stroke that seized her had been different. Although she looked much the same, there would be no coming back. Her frail, ninety-three year old body was too damaged. My mother … Continue reading

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Throwing More Love On The Fire

When I am hardest pressed, one truth becomes resoundingly self-evident. In the darkest times, the unlikely solution seems to be to add more love. The first time this occurred to me was when dealing with the grinding wickedness of a … Continue reading

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