Peri McQuay

Peri Phillips McQuay is the author of Singing Meadow: The Adventure of Creating a Country Home, The View From Foley Mountain, a book of nature meditations on her experiences living for 30 years at the Foley Mountain Conservation Area and A Wing in the Door: Life With a Red-tailed Hawk is the story of her adventures with Merak, a human-imprinted hawk, who lived free but saw McQuay and her family as her special people. Also Peri has written numerous essays, articles, book reviews and a weekly column, published in the Kingston Whig-Standard Magazine. Her credits include Country Journal, Harrowsmith, Bird Watcher’s Digest, The Snowy Egret, Seasons, The Fiddlehead, Herizons and Brick.

Soul Clap Hands

Soul Clap Hands I am here to learn. It is time to refocus. After all my floundering I am on a journey to a new wholeness. Indeed, I am aware that I may be headed towards what may well be the last adventure of my life. I need to hone my generosity of spirit. Coming out of the blind time, I remember the care of so many when my husband was dying. (I remember specially the hospital kitchen staff workers …

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Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love

Welcome to my new blog, Small, With Great Love These are my depth years. My question in later life is: What remains? Although I no longer can range widely, what I am challenged to do is to go ever deeper into my surroundings. And, even as I learn the hard lessons of aging, what a rich life I am finding. Always, I am grounded in nature, my true home. Expect to find: My experience in understanding, and healing from, the …

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The Great Work of Your Life

  Recently, my yoga teacher and friend, Tanya Deacove, gave me a wonderful gift when she loaned me Stephen Cope’s The Great Work of Your Life. It turns out that this is a book for all who face uncertainty about life’s true purpose. “What is your biggest fear?” Cope asks. His answer, “I’m afraid that I’ll die without having lived fully” surely resonates for many of us. If you bring forth what is within you, your sacred calling, he says, …

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