Throwing More Love On The Fire

When I am hardest pressed, one truth becomes resoundingly self-evident. In the darkest times, the unlikely solution seems to be to add more love. The first time this occurred to me was when dealing with the grinding wickedness of a five year old son. That afternoon nothing worked with my generally pleasant, charming boy. Not reasoning. Not distraction. Not the array of interesting games and puzzles I offered. Not reading aloud. “No” was everywhere. Three times we had changes of …

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The Oak Door Knocker

Early in our long, anxious search for a place where we could live out the rest of our days in content after we left Foley Mountain, we began buying and making small presents for the as-yet unknown new home. Shuffling through such things as several towels with leaping deer woven on them and a small quilted Amish diamond wall hanging was heartening. Amused, we recognized that at 59 we were building a hope chest for an unknown future. Late one …

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This morning, as I sip my tea, I am having the rare pleasure of watching a baby nuthatch learning to negotiate an ash tree upside down in proper nuthatch fashion. Earlier I was awakened by the soft murmur of a dawn wind stirring the aspen leaves just outside the bedroom window directly beside my bed. Not a day goes by, indeed, not a part of a day passes, when I fail to appreciate the many fine windows, which are the …

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