The Tenacity of Trees

The tenacity of trees. Living, as I do, close to many trees and also close to humans, I am aware of risk and disease. I see aspens toppled in gales, massive maples dying branch by branch. And yet I also live with a sustaining sense of endurance in spite of the odds. Nearby, in a poor location, clinging to sandy, shallow soil at the very edge of a cottage lane is a barely recognizable American beech. The trunk is so …

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The Bittern Who Came to Call

Living closely on this abandoned farm, we have had many surprising experiences with wildlife. Because encountering people is less common for creatures here than it was in our former home near Westport, we have enjoyed many uncommonly intimate glimpses into the life surrounding us. Friday evening we had an unexpected gift. Glancing out our front window, we were startled to find ourselves within touching-distance of an American bittern, who gave the appearance of having come to call. For ten breathless …

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