Bobs Lake

The Table Land

On a bitter, wintry day I walked up onto the Tableland to have a look at the beginnings of things. Any day now, the snow would come. Already there was a dusting in crevices and on a few dark green nests of moss. At this time of year my need to get out becomes fierce. I get an urge to visit as many of my favourite places as possible. Hurry. Soon they may be denied to you by ice and …

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Counting Wildflowers

Counting wildflowers is a game we’ve been playing since we lived at the Foley Mountain Conservation Area where we used it as an excuse to visit a special wetland where the cardinal flowers bloom. Now we live at Singing Meadow we’ve made it a tradition to identify and count the number of wildflowers blooming on the trail which meanders through our wetland. This count takes place as close to July 1 as possible. In recent years we’ve been joined by …

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A Suitable Nest

Tha’ art as safe as a missel thrush.  Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden We started on this enterprise with the highest of hopes, the robins and I. Missing the phoebe pair who nested every year inside the  porch roof at Foley Mountain, we mounted a simple nesting platform on the back wall of our new home. But something went wrong and we learned that nest sites are not as easily come by as you might think. For years we had …

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