Fawn's Skeleton
                     Fawn’s Skeleton

a world of uncountable beings dedicating their lives to growing something meaningful and beauty-filled,

Something Beautiful for the World     Tarchin Hearn

How can you continue to celebrate nature even as you witness its destruction? How hypocritical. Where you need to be is on the front-line of protest.

This painful spring, the first with no dawn chorus, the only answer that comes to me is one clearer to my heart than my intellect.

In the face of forces greater than anything I can hope to defeat this simple life of work and devotion intertwined is all I can give. As Joanna Macy has said, “action on behalf of life transforms.” May it be that my heartfelt gestures of rejoicing in our sustaining web of nature and writing with reverence are my offerings to a common good.

Small with Great Love

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